Welcome to ETA Engineering Services

Welcome to Eta Engineering Services, the dedicated and committed specialists of vibratory equipment. Since 1995 we have been focusing exclusively on design, development and manufacturing of Gyratory Screens. Our company is promoted by technocrats in the field of mechanical engineering and process industry having in-depth understanding of various processes, operations, materials, equipments and quality systems.

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About Vibro Screens

Vibro Screen or Gyro Screen or Gyratory screen are the circular screens operating with special Vibro Motor imparting vibration in multiple direction to the screen assembly. Complete machine consists of Vibration generating base which houses the Vibro Motor and Screening Assembly with wiremesh or perforated /slotted sheet. The material fed on the screen travels above the screen or passes through the screen depending upon its particle size and nature.

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Our Processes

The most popular configuration of Eta Vibro Screen® is a single deck machine. It is used for pre-packing screening or sieving/sifting , removal of foreign material/impurities and lumps from powders like flour, spices, chemicals, minerals, food stuff etc. This configuration is also well suited for filtration of liquids and slurries like mineral slurry, wash water, effluent, oil, back water, syrups and juices.

Separation & Filtration

Eta Vibro Screen® fitted with special anti clogging ball/ ring tray and dust cover are used for screening of fine powders from fine mesh. The anti-clogging arrangement provides continuous tapping of mesh for declogging the mesh holes and ensures smooth screening operation. The dust cover is provided to minimize the atmospheric dusting. This configuration is useful for minerals, ground spices, chemicals, polymer powders, PVC etc.

Fine Powder Screening

Eta Vibro Screen® in double deck configuration works as a grader or classifier. The material fed on the first screen gets classified into three different grades depending on the two screens fitted in the machine. This configuration is most useful to achieve a precise grade of granular product like polymer granules, seeds and grains, cereals/lentils and nuts, pesticide granules, crystals, chips and flakes. The modular design permits mounting of more than two screens depending upon the application and machine model.

Grading and Classification