About Vibro Screen

Vibro Screen or Gyro Screen or Gyratory screen are the circular screens operating with special Vibro Motor imparting vibration in multiple direction to the screen assembly. Complete machine consists of Vibration generating base which houses the Vibro Motor and Screening Assembly with wiremesh or perforated /slotted sheet. The material fed on the screen travels above the screen or passes through the screen depending upon its particle size and nature.

The design of the machine is such that it makes the machine adaptable to different processes and materials very easily. So Vibro Screen is basically versatile machine that performs a size base separation operation, which may be called as Screening, Sifting, Classification, Grading, Oversize or Undersize Removal, De-Dusting, De-Watering, De-Lumping, Fiber Recovery, Filtration, Pre-Filtration and Scalping etc.

Vibro Screens find wide applicability in spectrum of industries like Agro, Agro Processing, Ceramic, Chemical, China Clay, Dehydrated Food, Dyes and Pigments, Ferro Alloys, Foundry, Engineering, Food, Spices, Mines and Mineral, Metal Powder Processing, Plastic, PVC, Petrochemical, Paper, Rotomolding, Retailing and many more

Typical and popular uses of Vibro Screens are – Screening or Sifting of powders, Separation of foreign material (Safety screening) from raw material, Pre dispatch and Pre packing screening of final product, Removal of Oversize particles/un ground particles/grit or lumps from material, Classification of granules, Grading and Classification of grains or seeds, Removal of dust, chips or under cuts from granules or definite shaped articles, Solid liquid separation, Filtration of syrup or slurries, Recovery of husk or fibres from liquid stream, De watering of granular material.